Final assessments for first women's General Firefighter course

Member News image Olivia and Emily Rumble


Last week new CFA recruits from Plenty Fire Brigade Olivia and Emily Rumble were part of a women’s-only General Firefighter course, completing their final practical drills and assessments at Kinglake.


CFA is committed to continuing to grow gender diversity in our brigades and has established many new initiatives over the past 12 months. This includes offering women’s only training courses as one way of attracting more women volunteers.

The women’s-only General Firefighter block course is being piloted as a way to give women options that meet their needs and allow them to fully participate as volunteers at CFA.

Watch the video below

CFA’s General Firefighter Course (GFF) is the foundation training that gives new volunteers the basic skills required to respond to emergencies.

The General Firefighter course comprises around 8-10 hours of practical training and 6-8 hours of theory. They then undertake the brigade foundation skill drills practice with their new brigade.

The General Firefighter course became CFA’s new foundation program on 1 July 2020, replacing the ‘Minimum Skills’ wildfire course which had been in place for 18 years.

The General Firefighter course gives new members the basic skills to respond to emergencies and lays the foundation for them to undertake further specialised training that is required to respond to structural fires or other complex emergencies.

For more information on becoming a CFA volunteer, please go here.


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