Fire notice issued for tyre stockpile in Stawell

CFA has today issued a Fire Prevention Notice to the owner of a tyre stockpile in Stawell, Used Tyre Recycling Corporation Pty Ltd (UTRC).

The notice follows an assessment that the stockpile had become a significant fire and community safety risk.

It is the culmination of a number of government agencies, working together to address the issues around this site which presents risks to the local community, environmental risks and potential economic impacts.

CFA has been working with EPA and other government agencies to reduce fire risk at the UTRC site since August 2015. The fire prevention notice follows three statutory notices issued by EPA in relation to the tyre stockpile.

UTRC has been given until November 30, 2017 to comply with the Notice and undertake works to remediate the site. The Notice outlines three distinct stages in which these works must be carried out to ensure prevention and mitigation of fire risk. The works will be subject to close monitoring by CFA throughout the process.

CFA Assistant Chief Officer Peter O’Keefe said the action was being taken to ensure community safety.

“The priority in taking this concerted action is, and always has been, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the local community,” he said.

“This is the reason for the comprehensive combined approach by the various Government agencies to decisively address this issue.

“CFA will closely monitor the situation to ensure adherence to the compliance schedule.”  

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Author: CFA Media