Firefighters coax camel to safety

Firefighters toughed the cold weather and worked together to conduct a rescue operation to pull a camel to safety near Mount Buller on May 3.


Photo: Jamieson Fire Brigade

CFA members from Jamieson responded to reports of a camel in trouble along Mitchell’s Bridle Trail near Axe Track. Later, SES, Victoria Police and members of the Mansfield Fire Brigade arrived on scene to help support the rescue.

Jamieson Captain Chris Badrock was one of the first members to arrive.

He said upon arriving at the incident site he located a man who had been travelling along the walking trail with five camels.

Before they arrived, CFA members were told a second camel had found itself down the edge of the track but was able to get itself back to safety without assistance.

“After walking around 500 metres from the 4x4 track we found the camel owner who was safe but concerned for his camel which had fallen down off the steep edge of the track,” Captain Badrock said.

“Using the equipment the members had with them, we safely applied a few straps and ropes around the camel and with the help of around six people we were able to coax it to safety, uninjured.

The incident was listed as under control at 4.38pm and when police and SES members arrived they assisted with relaying equipment between the vehicles and the incident site in the difficult forest terrain.

“SES was also required to cut and move a tree which was blocking the path of the man and the camels from continuing on,” he said.

“The great skills of our members proved to be very useful at this particular incident. It was all elbow grease and a couple of ropes that got the job done.

“It was a wonderful effort by all involved despite the tough conditions and difficulty to access the incidents.”


Photo: Jamieson Fire Brigade

Author: CFA News & Media