Forever remembered: Anniversary of 2009 bushfires

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Today (7 February) will forever be a time for sombre reflection for CFA members.


In 2009, Victorians experienced the most deadly bushfires to date. Tragically 173 people lost their lives, more than 400 people were injured and over 2,000 homes were destroyed. The fires burned more than 450,000 hectares and an estimated one million animals perished.

We will never forget the 2009 fires.

The community looked to our members for help, and CFA members were there to not only battle on the frontline but also provide leadership and comfort to those impacted.   

Our thoughts today are with those who lost family members, the many people who were injured and the countless thousands on whom the events of Black Saturday have left a scar etched in their memory.

This includes our CFA members who gave so much to support communities in this time of need, many of whom also suffered loss and pain during this significant event.

Anniversaries of significant events such as this one can bring up difficult memories for many members and brigades who fought on the frontline.

Members are reminded that CFA has a range of wellbeing support services that you and your family can access if you need support or just need someone to talk to.

The CFA Wellbeing Support Line is available on 1800 959 232. This free, confidential provides 24/7 access to Psychologists, Counsellors, Peers and Chaplains.

Chief Executive Officer Natalie MacDonald and Chief Officer Jason Heffernan


Submitted by CEO Natalie MacDonald and Chief Officer Jason Heffernan