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CFA volunteers come from all walks of life and bring a range of skills, diversity and expertise to their roles at CFA.



CFA volunteers are nurses, farmers, teachers, small or large business owners, students and more.

Chris Kearney, who is a baker by trade and also a CFA volunteer firefighter, spoke about how his role in CFA and professional career often benefit one another.

“As a baker I’m often working alongside apprentices and I have to teach them and help them achieve their professional potential,” Chris said. “On the fireground we have younger recruits who need support so I help them as well.

“My job as a baker means working throughout the night, often starting at 2am. Working night shifts as a baker has made it easy for me to respond to CFA calls as I’m used to working all hours.”

Chris said CFA has given him a number of skills including working as part of a team and helping out in difficult situations.

“I’m currently the community safety coordinator at the brigade. I’ve been doing it for about 10 years and I love every part of the role,” he said.

“I really enjoy and love the family atmosphere and social element of the brigade.

“The mateship is the most important part of CFA for me,” Chris added. “On the fireground there is a heightened atmosphere and having one another to lean on is something we all share and that’s something so unique.”

This week CFA takes the opportunity to thank all volunteer members for their selflessness and dedication in protecting the Victorian community and beyond.

For this year’s National Volunteer Week we are asking all Victorians to see themselves at CFA. Find out more about volunteering with CFA at



Submitted by Holly Penketh