Gain glimpse of life as CFA female firey

Women considering a career shake-up to become a CFA firefighter will get a chance to experience first-hand what it’s like to take on this varied and rewarding role.

CFA is hosting a free information session for women to find out more about this life-changing career, on Sunday, 2 April at CFA’s Bangholme Training College, from 10am.

Female career firefighters will discuss their experience helping volunteers protect lives and property across outer-Melbourne and regional Victorian communities. Participants will also be able to try on protective clothing and try out a range of firefighting equipment and tasks.

CFA firefighter Nicole Eames, who is a recruit mentor at Bangholme, said the session would be an ideal starting point for women thinking about a firefighting career.

“While there are fewer CFA female firefighters compared to men, a growing number of women are showing a strong interest in taking on this challenging yet rewarding career,” Ms Eames said.

“This information session will highlight the unique challenges women can face during the recruitment and training process, while touching on what it’s like to work at a fire station.

“By trying the practical activities, which are similar to some of the physical tests you’ll encounter as part of the recruitment process, you’ll get a sense of what you need to work on to meet the benchmark standards.

“I have an academic background so the studying for aptitude testing was pretty straightforward; however I had to work pretty hard to build my physical ability so I met the benchmarks – especially for the Physical Ability Testing, which involved tasks like hitting targets with water from hoses.  

“This application process is so much more than just submitting a resume and attending an interview, so the info session will enable women to understand exactly what’s involved and where they will need to focus their preparation.”

CFA is increasing diversity in the workforce, including encouraging more women to become career firefighters.

“I love what I do and hope that over time, more women will join me as part of the career firefighter workforce. But for this to happen, we need to attract and encourage women to apply and prepare for upcoming CFA recruit courses,” Ms Eames said.

Bookings are essential, so to reserve your place or find out more about firefighting as a career, visit

Author: CFA Media