Gary Harker – AFSM

During his 47 years of service to CFA, Gary Harker has earned a solid reputation as a great supporter of his peers.

Gary is often called on for advice, guidance and mentorship by people in CFA and has been described as a great influencer.

He gives confidence to those around him and helps to foster relationships between career and volunteer staff.

He has an innovative approach to problem solving in terms of fire suppression methods and strategies in the coal industry and the use of Class A foam.

His knowledge and expertise were called on during the Hazelwood Mine fire last year where he took a lead role in developing and implementing a successful, suppression strategy.

But through all this, Gary sees himself very plainly, as someone who helps and supports those around him.

“Receiving this is very humbling,” he said.

The relationships he has made at CFA have played an importnt part throughout his long service, beginning as a Junior in 1968 and Senior in 1970.

“It’s the friendships within CFA, both with volunteer and career staff, which I enjoy about the organisation.”

He reckons competent and committed people are essential parts of an effective fire service.

“I really have to thank the late Dave Staple, and Morwell Fire Brigade, for all the work that we did in experiments with Class A foam for fire suppression in the coal industry.”

Author: CFA Media