Have your say: Supplementary Alerting Service

Volunteers are invited to have their say on the progress of the new Supplementary Alerting Service (SAS) application.


The SAS survey is available in mobile, tablet and desktop versions.

CFA is working with EMV as well as VICSES and Ambulance Victoria (AV) on the development of the new app which will value-add to the existing Emergency Alerting System (EAS paging), and benefit users by improving communications during response.

The tender for the project was awarded to Ernst & Young (EY) in late June. Since then a series of workshops have been held where agencies, EAS technical specialists and the end users of the application have worked together.

The input of CFA, VICSES, ESTA and AV staff and volunteers has been paramount in ensuring the application looks and operates according to the needs of those who will be using it.

We now need your feedback to guide the next phases of the project. You’re invited to complete a survey about the development so far. The survey shows users the layout, information and features on some of the proposed SAS screens.

CFA Operations Manager - Operational Communications Jason Lawrence said EY Developers would use the feedback from the survey to further refine the design. 

“This is a great opportunity for our people to have their say on some of the proposed features and functionality for the SAS,” Jason said.

“Input from our people will ensure the apps meets their needs; the input we’ve received so far has proved extremely valuable to guiding its development.”

The survey is anonymous and takes about 20 minutes to complete, and will run between 10 October 2019 and 28 October 2019. 

For the best experience completing the survey, please use an up-to-date internet browser or a mobile device. Take the survey here.

In assessing the screens, users are reminded that they do not represent the entire SAS feature-set, so there are still some capabilities that will not yet be presented. 

For more information on the Supplementary Alerting Service please visit Members Online.

Author: Supplementary Alerting Service Project Group