Head torches for high country brigades

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Almost 100 head torches will help light the way for CFA brigades throughout Victoria’s north east region, thanks to funds donated at a community event in the wake of the 2019/20 bushfires.

The 85 Pelican torches were the result of a $6000 donation from the organisers of the High Country Comeback – an event that brought businesses from Bright and the surrounding areas to Melbourne to sell local products in the wake of the bushfires.

Bright captain Brett Michie said it was fantastic to receive an unexpected gift from the community.

“We need them to work at night if there’s a grass or scrub fire,” said Captain Michie.

“There can be mineshafts and wombat holes and so forth out in the bush, and after we’ve put the fire out, we can’t see any more so they’re a very handy thing to have.”

“It will also help structure firefighters who already have a torch on their uniform, but the head torches really come in handy when going into a search and rescue situation at a structure fire.

“It’s great for us, but there are plenty of brigades around here that will really benefit from having the new torches.”

85 torches are being provided to brigades in the area with Bright, Buffalo River, Harrietville, Mudgegonga, and Wodonga having received them already.

High Country Comeback organiser Janelle Boynton said it was fantastic to help local CFA brigades in addition to local businesses.

“The brigades were really chuffed to know that these had come from the community,” said Ms Boynton.

“We put the event together to help local vendors in the wake of the fires, but really wanted to include a door-donation so we had money going to CFA and some local wildlife organisations.”

Event organisers worked with CFA District 24 members to find out what was most need in the local area, with Captain Michie saying the torches will be helpful for many brigades in the area.



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