Hiding cows mooved on by CFA crews

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CFA crews have helped track down several cows that hoofed it in the middle of the night.


Members from Upper Ferntree Gully and Macclesfield fire brigades were called to Willow Road just before 1am, after a trailer rolled at a roundabout earlier in the night. 

“There were three cows which were all in calf, and they just did a runner,” said Upper Ferntree Gully captain Peter Smith. 

“They got one very quickly, but the other two were hiding down by the football oval and finding two black cows in the middle of the night is not easy.” 

Captain Smith said crews had no beef working with other agencies, as they established “Cow Control” with police and veterinarians to coordinate the search. 

“We almost had them penned in at one stage but a drone that was helping with the search scared them away. 

“We then ushered them into the baseball ground as well, but they ran off again before we could pin them down. 

“One of the cows was sedated at one point but a siren was turned on which startled it and scared it off. 

“The other cow was pushed into a carpark with a locked gate before it was sedated.” 

Animal rescue crews from CFA’s Macclesfield Fire Brigade brought specialized equipment to help load the hefty heifers onto a trailer. 

“It took a dozen of us to lift the first cow onto the trailer which was then taken back to the farm. 

“It came back an hour later for the other one that was still in the car park. 

“It was great to see how the vets and the Macclesfield fire brigade at it, as the way they go about these operations was so professional and respectful to the animals.”


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