How well do you know fire? Summer Campaign launch

A hard-hitting new campaign will get Victorians to sit up and take action to prepare and protect themselves against fire as the state prepares for a long, hot and dry season.


CFA CEO/Chief Officer Steve Warrington, Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Police and Emergency Services Lisa Neville joined staff at the State Control Centre today to launch Victoria’s bold new approach to fire—one of the largest fire campaigns in the state’s history.

Victoria is one of the most fire-prone areas in the world and everyone needs to understand just how devastating fire can be, no matter where they live—whether it’s the outer suburbs, the coast or the country.

Starting today, the ‘How well do you know fire?’ campaign will highlight the deadly risk fire poses and the importance of planning and preparing for the season.

“Our research has shown people are becoming increasingly complacent in planning, and actioning their plans,” CFA CEO/CO Steve Warrington said. 

“Our communities need to wake up to the fact that not having a plan could have devastating consequences.”

Many people would have no idea that radiant heat from a bushfire can kill you from 300 metres away, that a single ember can start new fire from 40 km away, or that fire can travel at 25 kms per hour.

It’s these facts, together with confronting imagery that will jolt Victorians into action, after research found many people were becoming complacent about their personal bushfire risk. 

This includes thousands of our dedicated volunteer and career firefighters from across all agencies, as well as a record fleet of 50 aircraft, which will hit the skies to help fight fires and keep communities safe.

Victorians and communities need to start preparing themselves for the fire season—visit to plan and prepare.

People should also download the VicEmergency app now to in order to receive emergency information and warnings. 

"Everyone should be prepared," CEO/CO Warrington said. "I urge you to prepare your properties, and have a plan for yourselves, your families and animals. If a fire occurs, we want you to be ready, and to stay safe this fire season."

CEO/CO Steve Warrington spoke at the launch this morning at the State Control Centre.

Warning: This year's campaign will feature some graphic images and scenes that we believe might be confronting and hard for some people to watch. These ads will feature on TV and digital formats. We acknowledge this may cause distress to you and your family.

If these commercials raise any feelings of distress or anxiety, please talk to your health care professional or visit the Better Health website for more information.

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Author: Daisy Cleland