Identical twin brothers follow strides to become Captain

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As identical twin brothers, there was always competition growing up, but as soon the Drennan duo hit CFA, their purpose became solely focused on serving their communities.


It all started at CFA’s Mooroolbark Fire Station back in 2007, where Mark Drennan walked through the doors for the first time as a firefighter, followed closely by brother Brad in 2008.

It was seeing their dad’s yellow overalls at the end of the bed every day in their early years that motivated Mark and Brad to first get involved in CFA.

“As a young kid, it was inspiring being around our father’s involvement in Yarra Junction CFA,” Mark said.

“The family aspect of CFA is great. I encourage all families if you can get into CFA, or if your loved ones are already in, to be part of it with them, join the journey with them.”

The brothers continued to match each other’s strides, both being elected as Captain at their respective brigades this year, with Mark at Mooroolbark and Brad in Bright.

“We are identical twins, although we don't look like it now, but growing up we were very similar,” Mark said.

“People see Drennan on the back of the helmet and are always getting us confused. We find it funny when people yell out and we both answer. 

“Even though Brad's moved to Bright, still to this day people will call me his name on the fireground.

“We’ve had a bit of fun over the years, seeing who can get the hose off the truck first, who can put the breathing apparatus gear on the quickest – I win most times.”

Friendly banter aside, both brothers particularly enjoy being part of something bigger than themselves while also adding value to their everyday work – Mark being an Engineering Surveyor and Brad working for Alpine Shire in Emergency Management and Occupational Health and Safety.

“We can be quite competitive from a personal point of view, but when the pager goes off, we are very professional and straight down the line, we know our tasks and we feed off each other well in the field.” Brad said.

“Coming from the Alpine Shire up in north east Victoria, we're a very tight community and we're very bushfire prone, so that planning and preparedness and community resilience for me is why I like to serve my community.

“I think for us both, it’s all about having a strong family connection. We bounce off each other a lot, help each other through training courses and are supportive after incidents as well.”

The twins look forward to taking on their next exciting challenge as Captains of their brigades and will utilise their long CFA history and knowledge to further protect and serve their local community.


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