Injured firefighters on the mend

Two injured firefighters who had to be airlifted to The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne following a fire in Sale are in good spirits and on the mend.

Sam Cook and Doug Brack were among four firefighters injured injured while attending a building fire in Sale on Friday, April 7, when they became trapped and had to make their escape via a window on the second storey.

As a result they sustained injuries - Sam to the neck, shoulder and leg; Doug to his back - while both sustained minor burns, requiring them to be airlifted to The Alfred Hospital. The other two injured firefighters were treated at Sale Hospital and discharged on the day.

The men, who are in the same room at the Alfred have been touched by the support received, both, from the CFA and the broader firefighting community. Apart from regular visits from close family and friends, other visitors have included CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington, CEO Frances Diver and South East Region Acting Assistant Chief Officer Mark Kennedy.

They are recovering well, are in good spirits, and look forward to going home to be with their families.

Sam and wife Louise have five young children aged 1 through to 6, so the support of family and friends since the incident has been invaluable. He said the support and outpouring of well wishers had been overwhelming. 

"The support we've received from the CFA and the broader community has been amazing. It has been really reassuring through this whole ordeal," he said.

Of the incident he says, his preparation kicked in and his main thought was to finding the safest way out of the situation for he and his friend Doug.  

Doug, a great-grandparent, is determined to make a prompt recovery as he and wife Bev have a dream trip to Europe planned in August.  

Despite facing an extended stint of physical therapy to regain full movement, Doug, a volunteer for 35 years, still maintains his sense of humour. 

"The injuries mean I may have to fly business class to make sure I'm more comfortable," he jokes.

The incident, which is being investigated, highlights the risk our firefighters are subjected to daily and their dedication as they go about protecting Victorian communities.  


Author: CFA Media