Inspiring leader and Captain - Sheryn Gallagher

Member News image Sheryn Gallagher Captain of Mosquito Creek Fire Brigade


In the lead-up to International Women's Day we are celebrating the amazing female leaders in our brigades.


Andrew Gallagher is a volunteer with Mosquito Creek Fire Brigade and his sister is Sheryn Gallagher, the captain of the same brigade. Andrew shared with us how proud he is of his sister and how he couldn’t imagine a better leader for the brigade.

Andrew describes ‘Shez’ as humble in her achievements, one of which was being the first female captain in the Eppalock Group of brigades, elected three times for the position.

In her early days as captain she always had the courage to stand her ground and helped shift a few old attitudes.

Sheryn is a role model in CFA and her local community. Her leadership style is what sets her apart. Andrew said she is "strong, inclusive and effective."

We asked Sheryn what ‘breaking the bias’ means to her.

“Before running as captain, I was nervous because I didn’t have the same fire experience others within the brigade, but I knew I had other experience that would help me as a leader.

“I told the former captain I wanted to run for the position and he gave me his full support which helped my self confidence.

“Since that time, I’ve been extremely fortunatate. Everyone around me has been extremely supportive.

“Now, we have two new female recruits going through General Firefighter who show so much enthusiasm for CFA and the brigade.

“I think it is important to nurture that enthusiasm and give everyone support if they show interest in volunteering or otherwise. That support really can go a long way in building self confidence,” she said.


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Submitted by Courtney Walker