Inspiring little fundraiser

Member News image An inspiring eight-year-old girl named Zoe Zigouras has raised $300 for CFA.


Zoe was on a mission to raise money for CFA, in her words, “because they help people and rescue people when they need it. They care a lot and are brave”.


“Our neighbour had excess lemons and grapefruit that she wanted to give away,” Zoe’s mum Kylie said. “Originally Zoe wanted to make lemonade to sell. I said with COVID people probably can’t buy lemonade out of cups off the street. So Zoe decided to sell produce we grew at home, our neighbour’s lemons and baked goods on our front lawn.

“Our neighbour Lorraine also generously baked some savoury treats to help Zoe’s cause.”

Zoe chose to donate to CFA after seeing all the volunteers help so many people in the 2019-20 summer fires. 

She was also helped by CFA volunteers when she was trapped in an elevator with her mum and Great Nanna Betty. She remembers they used a large metal vice to slightly open the doors to let air in and passed them cold water.

“They were kind and talked to us while we waited for someone to repair the elevator, which took quite some time,” Zoe said. 

Kylie said Zoe has always been keen to help those around her.

“This is a child who saved for a doll, then on our way to Target decided to give some of the money to a homeless man who was doing art in the street and the rest to a busker ‘for doing such a great job’.

“She was happy not to get the doll and preferred her money go to someone who needed it.”

The money Zoe raised through her fundraiser will go towards building the capabilities of CFA’s volunteers to continue helping the community.


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Submitted by Georgina Hill