Interconnected smoke alarms save Wallan family from fire

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A Wallan family has escaped with their lives and their house, after being woken by interconnected smoke alarms and alerted to a car fire in their garage.


CFA was notified after 1am Thursday morning to reports of a car fire at McNaughton Close in Wallan, and Incident Controller Chris Brockwell said it was lucky the family escaped unharmed.

“Our first priority was to ensure there was no fire extension into the structure which was done fairly quickly using a thermal imaging camera,” he said.

“We then extinguished the car in the driveway, ventilated the house and cleared the smoke and deemed the premises safe.

“Five interconnected smoke alarms throughout the house woke the family as the smoke started entering the building, with the fire also triggering the car horn to sound.

“They were then joined by quick-thinking neighbours who helped drag the car out of the garage and into the driveway, and that’s what’s saved the house from burning down.

“Fire investigators have attended today and the cause is yet to be determined but it is not being treated as suspicious.”

While smoke alarms must be installed outside every sleeping area and on each level of a house, CFA also recommends smoke alarms are installed in every bedroom and living area, as well as hallways.

Residents are also encouraged to consider installing a smoke alarm in the garage.

Incident Controller Brockwell said the car fire at Wallan was not only an example of interconnected smoke alarms offering the best protection, but also of saving the lives of a family.

“Regardless of what type of smoke alarm is installed, all units should be tested every month and replaced every 10 years," he said.

“It takes just a few moments to test if your smoke alarm is in working order, but those few moments could save your life.”


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