Kanyapella hay fire serves as a timely reminder

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CFA crews were called to a hay shed fire overnight on 28 December, caused by spontaneous ignition.


Firefighters were notified of the fire at around 8.24pm and arrived to find approximately 100 square hay bales fully involved.

Six units from Kyabram, Echuca, Tongala and Wyuna brigades attended the scene.

Crews began containing the fire and focused on asset protection on machinery inside the 50m x 20m shed.

Incident Controller and Tongala 1st Lieutenant Grant Rayson said crews did a great job getting water onto the fire quickly.

“While the fire had already engulfed the shed and hay bales we saved the machinery that we could, including a seeder and baler,” he said.

The fire had grown in size, impacting around 240 large bales before the scene was under control at 10.30pm.

Fortunately, crews contained the fire to within the hay shed.

Firefighters remained on scene until around 1.30pm on 29 December to suppress the fire to a manageable level.

“The plan now is to let the fire smoulder under supervision until it burns itself out,” 1st Lt Rayson said.

“We have put in place an action plan and in a couple of days we will return to pull the stacks apart and fully extinguish the fire.”

The scene was handed back to the landowners to monitor.

Commander Darren Crawford said firefighters demonstrated great effort to bring the fire under control and protect assets.

“This is a timely reminder to check the temperature of your hay bales regularly and protect it from rain and moisture,” he said.

Learn more about hay fire safety on the CFA website at www.cfa.vic.gov.au/plan-prepare/hay-and-fire-safety.

Haystack Tips:       

  • Ensure hay is well cured before baling.
  • Know the history of the hay you purchase.
  • Keep haystacks to a limited size and separate your haystacks.
  • Monitor moisture and temperature of your hay regularly.
  • Watch for unusual odours such as pipe tobacco, caramel, burning or musty smells.
  • Store hay in separate stacks or sheds away from farm equipment and other buildings.


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