Keno's lucky day thanks to CFA

Member News image Keno after the rescue with his owner and Cowwarr captain Andrew Iseppi


CFA responded to a ‘ruff’ rescue in Cowwarr earlier in the week when a pup became lost down a wombat hole.


Keno, the curious Jack Russell, barked up the wrong tree when he went down a hole behind the Cowwarr Weir and unfortunately became lost around four metres underneath the surface.  

His owner tried to dig him out but when that didn’t work, he called on CFA to help. 

Luckily, crews from Cowwarr and Seaton came to the rescue and got Keno out of the wombat burrow. 

Cowwarr brigade secretary Ann Gibbs said not only did they have to get the dog out but also had to avoid an angry wombat down the hole. 

Fortunately, members dug in the right area to get Keno out. 

“All of a sudden Keno’s nose popped out of the hole and a big cheer went up,” Ann said.  

“His owner was then able to coax Keno out. He was just so grateful to CFA. 

“Keno was a bit embarrassed and kept snuggling into his owners’ arms. I think he might have got told off later.” 

“We were so lucky to get him out because there was a frost later that night.”  

Dog rescues aren’t a common occurrence for the Cowwarr brigade. 

Cowwarr member David Smith, who received his 50 years’ service award earlier in the night, had never attended a dog rescue.  

Pats on the back for all involved. 


Submitted by CFA media