Kitten makes lucky escape thanks to Greenvale brigade

Greenvale CFA responded to a call for assistance after a kitten was found stuck in a car engine by a panicked driver.


Leading Firefighter Paul Buck and FF Luke Dyson with Lucky.

The car owners were driving along Mickleham Rd when they stopped at a set of traffic lights and a cat was heard meowing from the car engine. 

After stopping to check the noise, they could see a small kitten's head staring at them tucked tightly under the drive shaft between the engine and car body.

With great care and technique from Leading Firefighter Paul Buck and FF Luke Dyson, the kitten 'Lucky', which they named him, was carefully removed and taken to the nearby Greenvale Animal Hospital without any injuries.

“They only realised that it was there after they stopped at the intersection near the shopping centre and a passenger heard meowing,” Greenvale senior station officer Gary Mynes told the Herald Sun.

“One of the guys laid across the engine and managed to get a hold of it and manoeuvred the kitten out of the vehicle,” Mr Mynes said.

Lucky was taken to the vet in Greenvale's fire truck, after traffic was closed to rescue him. Greenvale Animal Hospital will liaise with Hume Council to find his owner.

Author: Antonia Acott