Know someone who could be considered for an award?

Honours and awards help define, encourage and reinforce aspirations, ideals and standards by identifying role models.


CFA recommends and gives honours and awards to recognise, celebrate and say thank you to those who have given their time to serve others and those who achieve their best for CFA and the community.

In July 2015, CFA announced the new CFA Honours and Awards Nominator's Guide. This guide complements the CFA Honours and Awards Manual.

The purpose of this guide is to provide information and guidance about:

  • How to determine the most appropriate award;
  • The importance of aligning the written nomination of a person to the criteria for the selected award; and
  • The content of your nomination.  

This means that the nominee has the best opportunity to be considered for special recognition.  

Many CFA members are familiar with the system of CFA Service Awards which are presented to members at brigade or group functions. However, there are several alternative awards that have been created to acknowledge those people who have done something that exceeds what could be considered as meeting the usual expectations of a member, or going above and beyond.  

For examples, please view the following -

Outstanding Service Medal: Mark Gilmore AFSM

Outstanding Service Medal: Lesley Read

Chief Officer's Commendation for Courage: SSO Daryl Owen & Lt Rohan Piesley

Chief Officer's Unit Citation for Courage: Dandenong FB, Hallam FB & Springvale FB  

For information about the nomination process and how to submit a nomination, please refer to the CFA Honours and Awards Manual which is available through Brigades Online.  

File path: Brigades Online > Brigade > Service History & Awards > About the Awards.  

If you want a printed copy of the guide, contact CFA Honours and Awards, via phone: 9262 8842 or email:  

You can also contact us for help with the nomination process.  

Author: Belinda Gillespie