Laundry fire prompts CFA warning

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Local CFA firefighters have issued a warning about the potential dangers of laundry fires following a fire that was started by a clothes dryer in Bangholme on Sunday, 2 May.


Two CFA crew from Carrum Downs responded to the incident just after 7.30pm and were supported by firefighters from Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV).

Carrum Downs Captain Terry Larkin said crews on scene did a fantastic job of containing the fire to the laundry area of the small lodge property.

“The occupant safely self-evacuated before crews had arrived,” he said.

“Thankfully, they shut the door of the laundry room, which assisted crews in containing the fire to the one room, making it more difficult for the fire to travel through rest of the house.

“Crews extinguished the fire and safely removed the damaged clothes dryer outside the house.”

Crews deemed the incident under control at 7.52pm and the incident was declared safe after 8.20pm.

This is a timely reminder for Victorians to ensure their laundry areas are fire safe.

It is important to maintain laundry electrical appliances and store chemicals safely to prevent fires, burns and chemical accidents.

Laundry safety tips:

  • Keep electrical appliances and cords away from water.
  • Always let the clothes dryer complete its cool down cycle before stopping.
  • Clean the lint filter after each use.
  • Don’t use a clothes dryer without a lint filter or with a lint filter that is loose or damaged.
  • Clean the back of the dryer regularly to prevent a build-up of lint.
  • Turn your clothes dryer off when you are not home or sleeping.
  • Make sure that the clothes dryer has adequate ventilation to prevent overheating.

For more information on home fire safety, visit the CFA website.




Submitted by CFA Media