Little cutie rescue

On Sunday 11 October, the Diamond Creek slip-on was deployed to do night shift at the Lancefield fire as part of strike team 1415. 

After the night’s work, the strike team was returning to the staging area when the strike team leader received a radio message from the eastern sector commander to say there was a dead wombat on the road they were travelling and could they check the wombat for a joey.

As it happened, there was a joey present, and so it was brought back to the staging area by the crew of the Pentland car. Those working at the staging area, including some SES volunteers, wrapped the joey up in tin foil and put it safely in a small box. From there, the crew of the Diamond Creek slip-on brought the joey back to Diamond Creek where, at 5am on Sunday morning, it was handed over to Sammy Kirwan, a qualified wildlife carer from Help for Wildlife.

Well done to Martin and Rod from Diamond Creek, as well as the other volunteers who helped to keep this little guy warm, safe and healthy! We wish him and his carer well. 

Author: Fiona Macken