Mansfield extension and facelift

Mansfield Fire Station is keeping up with the times and the demands of its local community, with a major renovation due to be completed by February 2018.


Mansfield Captain Andrew Peachey (right) with District 23 Operations Manager Stewart Kreltszheim

“Mansfield has grown quicker than expected over the past 10 to 15 years and is a very popular retirement paradise and tourism destination, and the brigade has needed to grow with it,” said Mansfield brigade Captain Andrew Peachy (pictured with District 23 Operations Manager Stewart Kreltszheim).

As part of the renovation, a new truck bay will be built into the existing south side car park, along with new female and male change rooms, a larger storeroom and other minor works.

“We have 20 active members, including six women, with ages ranging from 18 to 70-plus, which is a great cross section.

“As a group, we’ve been planning and fundraising for the renovation for the past six years through fire equipment maintenance, raffles and social nights, and we now have enough to significantly contribute to the upgrade.”

The total cost of the renovation is close to $375,000, with $150,000 being contributed by Mansfield brigade and the rest coming from CFA.

Author: Georgina Hill