Mechanical works improve safety in Reedy Creek and Narbethong

Member News image Fuel reduction work at Narbethong


Roadside mulching works undertaken in Reedy Creek and Narbethong have been conducted to reduce fuel in areas with extreme fuel loads. These roadsides were identified by local brigades and CFA Vegetation Management as priorities for fuel management due to their frequent use.


Substantial regrowth since the 2009 fires and increased rainfall over the past 12 months had resulted in extreme fuel loads, making safe movement down these roads during a fire extremely dangerous.

The mulching aimed to improve safety by reducing fuel along the road to reduce the amount of radiant heat affecting cars along Reedy Creek Road, Reedy Creek and the Maroondah Highway, Narbethong during a fire.

The La Nina conditions this year meant there was only a small window for burning in parts of the state. Mechanical works are an effective alternative for fuel reduction when it is too wet for burning — and in sites where burning is not a suitable option for treatment.

The mulching built upon fuel reduction works undertaken by Forest Fire Management Victoria on adjacent public land, further reducing the risk by addressing increased fuel loads on the peri-urban interface.

Residents in both Reedy Creek and Narbethong were thrilled with the work, noting that the areas had been a cause of concern for some time.


  • Member News imageWorks at Reedy Creek
  • Member News image Works at Reedy Creek
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Submitted by Joshua Hodges