Mernda Fire Brigade turns 50

Member News image Mernda brigade member Geoff Weedon receives his honour from District 14 ACFO Tim Holland


Mernda brigade member Geoff Weedon has been around for almost the entire time the brigade has existed and attributes their success to the “camaraderie”.


The brigade celebrates 50 years this week and marked the occasion with a 50th anniversary dinner with brigade member Adam Kelly the MC. 

Mr Weedon was honoured with a life membership on the night for his 40 years’ service. 

He said the brigade had changed a lot over the years. 

“We used to jump on a truck with no sides, fly down the road at 25 miles an hour, hanging on the back and helmet at the same time while going to a fire,” he said. 

“It was great, we would get in there, get the job done and come back all have a cup of tea then go home. “

The former captain said it was great now to have new equipment like the rehab vehicle. 

“It’s good for people that can’t go on the truck anymore. They feel like they’re doing something and are still part of the brigade.” 

Mr Weedon said the Black Saturday fires were the hardest time for the station. 

“We were right in the middle of it. We knew a lot of places and people. We saw a lot of devastation,” he said. 

And now it’s great to see new members coming through. 

“They lean on the older ones for a bit of support, and we try to help as much as we can,” Mr Weedon said. 

Originally part of the Doreen District Rural Fire Brigade, formed in 1942, the Mernda Rural Fire Brigade was officially registered with the CFA on October 29, 1973. 

The brigade was initially issued with 12 fire beaters, six knapsacks and a small-town trailer. The station was a bush shed. 

Given the expansion and infrastructure of the Mernda area, a new modern three-bay station was built by the CFA in 2009. 


Submitted by CFA Media