Mildura lift rescue leads to new friends

On a busy Friday night for CFA’s Mildura Fire Brigade, one call-out around midnight required members to rescue local resident Fred from a lift.

Fred had been in the lift for three hours when firefighters arrived.

Firefighter Phil Miatke said the team quickly figured out the lift compartment was stuck between the first and second floors.

“Fred was travelling from the second floor to the first when the power went out as a result of storms in Mildura that night,” Phil said.

“We went upstairs, and got to work opening the lift doors. We placed a ladder into the lift shaft and I climbed down to the compartment where I was able to open the top of the lift, climb in and bring Fred out.”

Fred thanked firefighters and hoped to get a photo with the fire truck.

“It was dark at the time so the photos weren’t great quality, so we invited Fred to the station for a look around,” Phil said.

On Wednesday, November 16, Fred took Mildura up on their offer, visiting the fire station with his carer.

“He sat in the fire truck, learnt how to spray water from a hose and chatted with D Shift members who rescued him a few nights before,” Phil said.

“Fred was a true gentleman and it was great to have him visit.

“It’s just one example of how Mildura brigade regularly interacts with our community to educate and make new friends like Fred.”  

Author: CFA News