Montrose Murals promote fire safety

Local primary school students teamed up with Montrose Fire Brigade to create four murals to display at the local fire station. 


Students from Montrose Primary School and Billanook Primary School took part in a Fire Safe Kids program then showcased what they had learnt through art.

Montrose Brigade Lieutenant Val Gallacher said this project was a great opportunity to educate and engage the community.

“This project allowed us to teach the kids about fire safety and also gave us some inspiring murals to display at the station,” Val said.

“The fire station is a hub in the area and we thought it needed a little brightening up, so why not use this opportunity to get the local primary schools involved.

“Montrose brigade regularly delivers Fire Safe Kids programs and the schools often thank us with a card or piece of art.

“I got in touch with the teachers at Montrose Primary School and Billanook Primary school and asked if they could work on a project together for our station,” Val added. “They were both very keen to get involved and got children from all year levels participate.

“We provided them with the canvases and they did the rest.

“We have an amazing membership at Montrose brigade, so why not reflect on the outside what we have on the inside.”

The project took just under 12 months to complete. The artwork is now open to the public to view, located outside on the side wall of the engine bay.

“Brigade member Rob Sibbing came up with the idea and put the paintings up in his own time."

Many of the kids have painted a reflection of what they have learnt in the fire safety session. Some took inspiration from their parents who are members in the brigade.

“The pictures went up on the wall at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic so we haven’t had a chance to organise with the schools to have all the children attend together, which is a shame.

“In saying that we have had many parents and children stop by to check it out while they are out on their daily walks, and we have had great feedback.

“Our members also love them as they really brighten up the place and you can tell that so much work went into them.

“We hope to repeat it every six years with another group of children involved and have it become a bit like a tradition.”

Author: CFA News