Moyhu Group at VEMTC Wangaratta

The Moyhu Group members were keen to change up the scenario for their annual group exercise, and the recently upgraded VEMTC training facility at Wangaratta provided the opportunity. 


The Wangaratta training campus was the perfect venue for the group to refocus its training to combat the risk to the built environment. Under the guidance of VEMTC Pad Supervisor Richard Gardner, five scenarios were identified as training priorities based on the risk that exists in the Moyhu Group area.

Brigades were separated into two circuits, with each circuit scenario based on brigades responding together as they would in a similar real event, facing the type of risk they could encounter in real life. 

The brigades trained on a car fire, chemical spill, an industrial bin fire, a small building fire, and a gas bullet venting. Finally, the two circuits came together to tackle a major incident - a service station on fire.

The feedback from participating members was that this training should be repeated in the future.

Author: Craig Hearson