Multi-agency team rescues cow and calf

Member News image Arthurs Creek Fire Brigade large animal rescue team led the delicate rescue


On Saturday 10 June teamwork between a local wildlife rescuer, State Emergency Service (SES), CFA and a farm animal sanctuary helped rescue a cow and her young calf at a rural property on Epping Road in Wollert.


The incident unfolded when an eagle-eyed local wildlife rescuer Krysti from Rescue Rehabilitate Release noticed a cow laying down in a paddock with no other livestock around. The cow was in the same spot when she went past it again two days later.

Her instincts told her that this was strange, so she stopped to check on the cow which she discovered was lying in a muddy area and unable to get up.

With the cow completely exhausted and unable to be coaxed to stand up, SES was called. Crews from Whittlesea SES Unit quickly assessed that the mammoth task required more help, resulting in Wollert Fire Brigade and large animal rescue specialists from Arthurs Creek Fire Brigade being requested to assist with the rescue just before 4pm.

Wollert Fire Brigade 3rd Lieutenant Tony Ellis was the incident controller.

“On arrival we immediately knew the situation required the specialist knowledge and equipment of the large animal rescue team for the rescue to be a success,” Tony said.

When the large animal rescue team arrived from Arthurs Creek, they quickly devised a rescue plan and coordinated the multi-agency team to move the exhausted cow using their specialist equipment.

“This rescue would not have been possible without Krysti’s intervention to begin with and the large animal rescue team’s knowledge of how to handle the animal perfectly without causing any stress,” Tony said.

A member from Whittlesea SES Unit tracked down the property owner through the City of Whittlesea who agreed for both animals to be relocated to the caring arms of Edgars Mission farm animal sanctuary in Lancefield. They named the mum Cher and her young daughter Cherish.

Since arriving at Edgars Mission on Saturday night Cher has been cared for by a dedicated team. Cher is being fed grass and hay to refuel her exhausted body and she is being lifted to her feet multiple times by a tractor so that her tired limbs can be massaged, with little Cherish never being too far from view.

We hope that both Cher and Cherish have now secured a bright future at Edgars Mission farm animal sanctuary where they can live long and healthy lives.


  • Member News imageCher and Cherish in the mud
  • Member News image Cher resting comfortably out of the mud
  • Member News image Loading Cher on to the horse float
  • Member News image The rescue team
  • Member News image Cher and Cherish resting at their new home
Submitted by Stuart McCombe