National Volunteer Week 2020 Photo Competition winners announced

The competition is held each year to celebrate National Volunteer Week and honour CFA people through photos.


Winner amateur category - Scott Mulheran

Each entrant nominated one of CFA’s values of safety, teamwork, adaptable, integrity and respect that their photo represented, as well as the essence of CFA volunteers.

Congratulations to Firefighter Scott Mulheran from Eynesbury Fire Brigade for winning the amateur category.

Scott captured the photo while on deployment at Kremnos in North Eastern NSW on 18 November 2019.

“It was a great opportunity to support other colleagues and I was excited to be part of a strike team," Scott said.

“I had flown up that day and wanted to document my first day on deployment. The sun was going down and I thought what a great view, so I captured it and sent it to my family.

“I joined the Bayswater team as an extra so the two people in the photo are from that side of town.

“People normally have a camera in their pocket on their phone. If you see something that’s worth taking a photo of, and doesn't compromise what you're doing on the fireground, take the photo.” Scott added. “Photos can become wonderful memories of your experience.”

Winner professional category - Luke Commisso with 'Saved by the angels of the sky’

Congratulations to First Lieutenant Luke Commisso from North West Mooroopna Brigade for winning the professional category with his photo 'Saved by the angels of the sky’.

On 4 January 2020, Luke was part of a strike team at Mount Balmattum battling a fire on a hillside.

“I captured this photo during one of the bad days of the season,” Luke said “I had taken the day off work to go on a strike team.

“My captain was the driver; we had two other members from the brigade along with two neighbouring brigades all involved.

“We tried to fight the fire ourselves but couldn’t contain it. I could see the helicopter coming across so I captured the moment."

Luke has been on hundreds of strike teams with his dad.

“I joined CFA with my dad over 18 year ago,” Luke added. “My uncle was also a volunteer; the skills you get are incredible. Joining was probably the best thing I’ve ever done.

“You don't always need the best camera, phones can do an excellent job!” Luke added. “Occupational health and safety is key, being considerate of who you're taking photos of and be responsible.”

There were more than 130 entries in the competition this year, and each entry was considered for its reflection of CFA’s values, teamwork, storytelling and creativity. Congratulations to both our winners and thank you to everyone for entering.

Author: CFA News