New and improved Template Toolkit

Message from Sally Pickering, Executive Director Communications and Stakeholder Relations 

Following the feedback we received in our 2019 Communications Survey, we have updated the CFA Template Toolkit on the refreshed CFA Intranet.


The new and improved Template Toolkit will make it easier to find what you want from the many templates and ‘how to’ guides.

It is important that CFA presents a consistent and professional image when communicating, both internally and externally. All of our members can use the Template Toolkit to put together a PowerPoint presentation, produce a selection of reports and posters, write a letter, record meeting minutes and much more.

Since being launched in 2012, the Template Toolkit has been helping many thousands of staff and volunteers to create professional CFA-branded documents.

The revamped home page of the Template Toolkit has links to the three main sections:

  • corporate templates
  • marketing templates to promote your brigade
  • ‘how to’ guides

Corporate templates include letterheads, an updated PowerPoint presentation (including a widescreen version), updated report templates, and agenda, project brief and media release templates.     

The marketing section contains templates to help brigades engage with their communities, which includes posters, advertisements, CFA Open Day material, an updated newsletter and certificate of appreciation template.

The ‘how to’ guides have helpful advice on a wide range of topics such as engaging your community, planning and evaluating an event, fundraising ideas, a guide to using the media and social media tips.

The home page also has a link to our Style Guide, which underpins the look and feel of all our publications and website. Recently updated, the Style Guide explains the range of colours we use in publications and online, how to use the CFA logo and details about our writing style.

I encourage you to have a look at the Style Guide and the Publications Business Rule to familiarise yourself with our preferred style and the process around producing CFA publications.

If you want any advice or help producing a publication, I’d encourage you to contact the Communications and Stakeholder Relations team. We would be happy to assist to ensure your communication reaches and impacts your targeted audience. 

Author: Sally Pickering, Executive Director Communications and Stakeholder Relations ​