New Fire Danger Rating System in place in Victoria

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From 1 September, fire danger ratings in Victoria will change in line with the Australian Fire Danger Rating System, which will be the same in every state and territory across Australia.


Fire danger ratings provide information so that people can take action to protect themselves and others. The higher the fire danger rating, the more dangerous the conditions, and the more difficult it will be to stop a fire if one starts.

The new system follows one of Australia’s largest community surveys which found the majority of Australians did not understand the previous fire danger rating system.

Based on community feedback, the new fire danger rating system uses four colour-coded levels and plain language to provide clear advice on what action communities need to take at each level.

The new system is based on enhanced technology and research that greatly improves our ability to accurately predict fire behaviour and potential threat to the community. The previous system was more than 60 years old.

Under the new system, emergency services can provide more specific advice to the community so that they also can make more informed decisions about their own safety.

As part of the changeover to the new system, all Fire Danger Rating signs across Victoria will have a sticker placed over the sign to promote the new four-rating system while emergency services work to roll out the replacements of signs.

New signs will be installed progressively across Victoria, from 1 September.

Victorians can access up-to-date Fire Danger Ratings and other emergency information on the VicEmergency website and VicEmergency app.

*This release was issued by Emergency Management Victoria


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