New flag reflects hope

Member News image New CFA flag flying over Rochester Fire Brigade


Having recently returned from a three-day deployment as a strike team leader to Rochester, I reflected on the resilience of Rochester Fire Brigade members whose town and fire station were devastated by the floods.


It was obvious that despite being tired and under stress, they still provided strong leadership and assistance to the community.
I noticed an ageing CFA flag flying at the front of the fire station. As a Doreen Fire Brigade vehicle was returning the next day with a fresh strike team, we arranged a small care package for Rochester brigade members including a new CFA flag.

I’m very pleased that the new flag is flying high as a sign of resilience and hope, and reflects the spirit of all CFA members – especially the ones at Rochester.

Photo: Rochester Fire Brigade Leiutenant Hayley Ettershank 


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  • Member News image Rochester Fire Brigade Lieutenant Hayley Ettershank
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Submitted by Doreen Fire Brigade Captain Robert Bury