New helmets arrive in District 8 as rollout continues

More than 900 volunteers in District 8 received their new structural firefighting helmets this week as part of a statewide rollout to eligible members with Breathing Apparatus and Search and Rescue qualifications. 


Volunteers in Edithvale with their new helmets. Photo by Jackson Bull, firefighter, Edithvale

The new helmets replace the CFA’s existing structural firefighting helmets and feature an improved design and fit to benefit members.

More than 5,000 CFA volunteers will receive the helmets by mid-2020, with over 1,000 distributed since December in districts 4, 5, and 8. District 27 members will receive their new helmets this weekend.

CFA unveiled the new helmet in August 2019, with the Pacific F15 Premium jet-style structural helmet selected after an open-market, competitive tender process.

Supplied by Pac Fire Australia, the helmet includes a one-touch eye protection, a full-coverage internal face shield, integrated helmet torch, comfort harness and liner, and flame-resistant multi-layer neck flaps. 

Trying them on for size. Photo by Jackson Bull, firefighter, Edithvale

It also has a reinforced composite shell and an advanced polymer chassis.

The new structural firefighting helmets were funded as part of the State Government’s $60 million Fire Services Statement.

All existing helmets used by CFA volunteers remain fit for purpose and compliant with relevant Australian Standards. 

The Structural Helmet Project team is working with districts to schedule delivery of the helmets to members.

Volunteers eligible for the new structural helmet will be notified by their OM or CM as to when the helmets will be rolled out in their area.

For more information on the project, visit Members Online.

Members from multiple brigades receive their new helmets at Dandenong station

Author: CFA News