New pumper for Eynesbury Fire Brigade

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Members of Eynesbury Fire Brigade were delighted to take ownership of their new light pumper this week.


The 2009 Hino provides the brigade with an additional vehicle to respond to their growing community and addresses the rapidly increasing structural risk. 

Eynesbury currently has a tanker and an FCV but welcome the pumper to their fleet, with members eagerly training to be able to drive and operate the vehicle.

Captain Kylie Newton said: “The pumper has provided our brigade with a renewed sense of excitement and allows us to support our community in the most appropriate way. Members have been working hard to ensure they are adequately trained so that it is available for response,"

"The vehicle went online on Monday and crews are ready and available for its first job.”

The vehicle features breathing apparatus, foam capacity and can pump approximately 2,500 litres of water per minute.


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Submitted by Chanel Gilbertson