New tanker for Hawkesdale Fire Brigade

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Hawkesdale Fire Brigade has received a new Iveco Eurocargo 4.4C heavy tanker.


The new vehicle replaces the current 2015 model Hino 2.4C, which has provided good service to the brigade. The new tanker is a significant upgrade in water capacity for the brigade members, who are very active in responding to fires and incidents in their area and supporting surrounding brigades. It will complement the brigade's existing fleet of a brigade-owned 3.2D tanker and an ultralight.

Hawkesdale also contributes heavily to roadside burning in and around the Hawkesdale district; and additional water capacity will be useful for these operations.

Captain Terry Nutting and brigade members were pleased to receive the vehicle, which the brigade fitted with a fridge for member welfare on those hot Hawkesdale days.

Instructor Wayne Nagorcka helped brigade members gain the necessary skills and knowledge to drive and operate the new tanker, which features a turbocharged, intercooled 5.88 L, six-cylinder diesel main engine.

The main pump is a two-stage centrifugal powered by a water cooled diesel engine, with rated capacity of 1,200 litres per minute @ 700 kPa.


Submitted by Commander David Ferguson