Newly updated home fire safety e-learning module for people at higher risk

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The ‘Prevent Detect Escape: Home Fire Safety for people at higher risk’ e-learning module has just been updated and is now available.


The autumn leaves have fallen, and the weather has become cooler. We are all curling up on the couch and turning on our heaters for the months ahead. This is a perfect time to turn our minds to home fire safety. 

It is an opportunity to check we are doing everything we can to prevent fires in our own homes and the homes of people at higher risk in our community - you can use our e-learning module on the CFA website to help you.

Did you know 62 per cent of the people who died in home fires between 2003-2017 had a disability? This significant statistic was the catalyst for CFA to develop the ‘Prevent Detect Escape’ e-learning module with Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) in 2022. 

More than 4,000 people have now completed the module, and we received feedback from more than 1,000 of them. 

Here are some of the comments we received:

“The module is very informative and practical. I will bring this topic to family discussion and share it with my elderly neighbour, particularly the Escape Plan.”

“Overall, clear and would assist members discussing this with their community.”

“Makes me think of more action in the home in case of a fire. Will be discussing a plan with my children ASAP.”

“It was great. Better than just reading content. I find listening and watching videos much more engaging.”

“As a burns survivor, I think this type of training is a must for EVERYONE.”

In addition, we received some suggestions for improvement, and we have now updated the module. The updated module includes:  

  • new scenario-based learning 
  • improved accessibility features 
  • hoarding information 
  • clearer smoke alarm information 
  • quizzes at the end of each section 

We encourage everyone to complete this one hour e-learning module on the CFA website


  • Member News imageHaving a conversation about home fire safety and hoarding
  • Member News image People may be at higher risk in a home fire if they cannot leave by themselves.
Submitted by Angela Cook