Moe South gets neighbourly

Member News image Moe South residents getting to know one another

On Saturday 27 March, Moe South marked Neighbour Day 2021 with a community barbecue at Simon Court.

Neighbour Day is a fantastic opportunity to bring people together and strengthen connectivity among residents. Moe South is also a Community Based Bushfire Management (CBBM) community through the State-wide Safer Together program, aiming to enhance bushfire risk reduction and disaster resilience in a range of ways, including through people-to-people connections within communities. 

At this event, residents came together to think about practical steps they could take, either individually or collectively, to support bushfire prevention, preparedness, awareness and, ultimately, community safety. Over 30 local residents attended the event, enjoying great food and company. Everyone connected with neighbours they did not previously know, with the assistance of a mapping activity. There was also a competition to find appropriate wording for new Moe South bushfire awareness signage. Residents were asked about their level of support for a bushfire planning workshop later in the year, while they also signed a petition calling on the Council to provide relief on green waste fees, especially in the lead up to fire season. Some discussion also ensued relating to how local residents could reduce their carbon footprint. 

This event was supported by CFA, Safer Together and Latrobe City Council. For more information, contact CBBM Project Officer Rebekah Baynard-Smith at Latrobe City Council on 0427 368 657 or 



Submitted by Rebekah Baynard-Smith & Fiona Macken