Next generation light tanker

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In a landmark development for firefighting technology, CFA has unveiled its latest truck: the prototype light tanker.


This vehicle represents a leap forward in firefighting capabilities, combining cutting-edge features with tried-and-true functionality.

The unveiling of this vehicle signifies more than just a technological triumph; it heralds a new era in firefighting capabilities.

With its blend of innovation, safety and adaptability, this vehicle stands poised to redefine the landscape of firefighting operations – a symbol of progress and resilience.

The journey began with the formation of the Light Tanker Working Group in late 2020. Comprising representatives from a range of backgrounds including operational volunteers, Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria, Operations, Fleet Engineering and district mechanical officers, the group set out to redefine the standards of firefighting vehicles.

With a keen focus on safety, manoeuvrability and versatility, the prototype was conceptualised to serve as a cost-effective replacement for its predecessors.

The truck went on a roadshow around the state to give firefighters the opportunity to examine the vehicle up close and offer valuable feedback. From rural communities to bustling urban centres, the vehicle was praised for its adaptability and potential to revolutionise firefighting operations.

Built on the sturdy Isuzu NPS crew cab chassis, the prototype light tanker boasts an array of impressive features. Its low profile and 4x4 capability ensure optimal manoeuvrability, whether navigating through congested urban streets or rugged rural terrains.

Safety remains paramount, with the crew cab equipped with advanced driver assist features and ample seating for four firefighters. Other additions include a protected crew operation platform, pump and roll capability, and a generous water carrying capacity of 2,000 litres, with 500 litres dedicated to crew protection.

In an ever-evolving world, the need for innovation in firefighting technology has never been more pressing, and with this prototype light tanker, CFA has reaffirmed its commitment to excellence and safety.

Key features

  • 2,000 litre capacity including 500 litres for crew protection
  • Crew cab with seating capacity for four crew and a fridge
  • 8 tonne GVM
  • Automated manual transmission
  • 4x4 high and low range
  • 450 litres/minute at 700kPa main pump
  • 20 litres/minute100 bar ultra high-pressure pump
  • Customised cabin handles and crew steps
  • Improved crew deck safety:
  • latching crew doors with alarms
  • one-metre high side shielding
  • deck camera, awning and intercom
  • In-cabin touch screen controls


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