Planned burn training develops skills

The fifth Hume Region Burn Camp was conducted at Shelley Forest Camp near Koetong, between 7 and 11 April 2018.


Multi agency approach, teams working together.

Forty-one CFA volunteers and staff from five districts in North East Region took advantage of an opportunity to learn new skills.

The group included HVP staff, who are members of the Forest Industry Brigades at Shelley and Myrtleford.

The camp was organised in partnership with HVP and used tracts of native vegetation within their estate to conduct small-scale burns. The limited size of the burn units offered the participants the opportunity to be fully involved in a range of activities necessary to prepare and then execute a planned burn.

The tracts available offered various orientations and gave participants the opportunity to evaluate fuels, fuel moisture, prevailing weather and fire behaviour relative to the aspect and topography of the burn units.

Activities undertaken by the crews included general hazard assessment, fuel moisture readings, overall fuel hazard assessments, establishing and marking points of reference, identification and protection of environmental values, developing  a burn plan and weather monitoring. 

In the burn phase, teams were involved in the development of appropriate lighting patterns for each site and all were involved in the various tasks of the burn operations.

Over three days, the teams prepared four burn units and conducted burns in two of the units.

Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) attended a planned burn and linked with CFA volunteers to mentor firefighters.

CFA is grateful to FFMVic for the opportunity with work them.

Planning for Shelley Burn Camp 2018-2019 is already underway.

Author: Tony Cattermole