Nyah Nyah West asks residents to adopt a hydrant

Nyah Nyah West Fire Brigade will soon be circulating an “Adopt a Hydrant” flyer to residents in the Nyah area who live near a fire hydrant.

The Brigade is asking residents who have a fire hydrant on or near their nature strip to help by “adopting” a hydrant. If a fire occurs in your home, or that of a neighbour, it is essential that firefighters can gain access to the closest hydrant quickly and easily. Residents should also report any missing signage or damage to the hydrant.

It is particularly important that below-ground fire hydrants are kept clear, easily visible and accessible. A blue reflective marker on the road, and a white post with a red top and blue reflective marker, identifies the position of a hydrant.

The Brigade will be asking residents to please:

  • Keep grass and soil clear from around and on top of the hydrant
  • Do not landscape over the hydrant
  • Do not park your vehicle over, or in front of, the hydrant
  • Report any faults or damage to the hydrant by calling Lower Murray Water on 03 5051 3400
  • Report missing posts, covers or reflective markers to Swan Hill Rural City Council on 03 5036 2333
  • Don’t remove any covers on the hydrant or try to clean it. Spiders and other things that bite often like living there and we don’t want you to get bitten!

Author: Bec McDonald