One day as a firefighter for face of Good Friday Appeal

One of CFA’s brigades that have been heavily involved in fundraising for the Good Friday Appeal has hosted the face of this year’s appeal.


Two-year-old Malu Hunt, along with his brothers and parents, visited the Werribee Fire Station on the eve of Good Friday.

Werribee CFA volunteer Peter May has been leading the brigade’s fundraising efforts for several years, and said it was an honour see the young family come through the station.

“I was pretty chuffed to have the face of the appeal here,” said Peter.

“He’s a great kid who is just a bundle of energy.”

Malu and his brothers were welcomed as junior firefighters for the day, donning firefighter outfits and exploring the trucks, as well as helping volunteers test the hoses and sirens at the station.

“The kids are our future, and any money that goes towards helping them grow and develop is a worthwhile investment,” said Peter.

“Werribee brigade has been involved in fundraising for the Good Friday Appeal since 1977 and has raised more than a million dollars in that time.

David Maxwell, CFA Acting Deputy Chief Officer Training, said it was fantastic to see the face of the appeal spending a day at a fire station.

“Malu and his family have been through a lot and it’s great to see smiles on their faces.

“Many of our brigades right across the state will be out and about in their communities on Good Friday, and I encourage everyone to dig deep and give a few dollars during this year’s appeal.”

CFA is celebrating 70 years of partnership with the Good Friday Appeal.


Author: CFA Media