P350 completes upskilling workforce target

CFA’s 350 Firefighter Program (P350) has achieved another major milestone, supporting the agency to upskill almost 300 career firefighters, via Promotional Programs at VEMTC Bangholme. 


While training was underway, the Program also supported the repair of a gas-fired training prop at the facility, enhancing training opportunities for career firefighters participating in Promotional Programs.  

The Program supported 82 Leading Firefighters (LFF) to achieve Station Officer (SO) qualifications and 194 moved from Qualified Firefighter to Leading Firefighter ranks via comprehensive training and assessment since July 2016. This is part of P350’s Promote, Create & Appoint sub-program, enhancing CFA’s capability to improve service delivery and support entry ranks.  

The completion of this Program milestone contributes to a total of 114 Leading Firefighters who gained Station Officer qualifications and 207 Qualified Firefighters promoted to Leading Firefighters, as part of the broader Promotional Programs at Bangholme since July, 2016.     

Promotional Programs & Assessments Commander Graham Kirk said the increase in the number of career firefighters upskilling through these courses increases how many of these members can take on leadership roles.   

“The course content had also been reviewed to ensure it better reflects the modern role of Leading Firefighters and Station Officers,” Mr Kirk said.

Components covered within the LFF Promotional Program include Legislation and Command & Control activities in the urban and bushfire environment. The SO Promotional Program includes Command & Control (urban & rural), HR conflict negotiations, lesson delivery, in-tray processing of common forms and procedures within CFA, and administrative and operations legislation.

“P350 required a larger number of our career firefighters to move through this training so we can prepare our workforce for growth and ensure the 350 new recruits we’ve now deployed to CFA fire stations across Victoria, have adequate support from upper ranks now they’ve started on station,” Mr Kirk said.

Regarding repairs to the prop, Mr Kirk welcomed support from the Program in making this possible.

“Getting this prop back online has allowed a more realistic experience to be delivered during training at Bangholme, which assists in the positive outcomes of both the LFF and SO promotional programs,” he said.

While P350 has completed the Promotional Programs and recruitment and training elements, including repairing the prop, it continues to upgrade existing fire stations and build new facilities and trucks while supporting attrition and redeploying the existing workforce according to changing requirements. 

Author: Brienna Snare