Practice makes perfect for Hume emergency management personnel

Member News image Photo: Hume emergency management personnel prepare for fire season in mock exercise.


Emergency services and partner agencies based in the Hume region came together yesterday to participate in a simulated fire incident.


The exercise was conducted and managed through the Wodonga Incident Control Centre.

More than 70 representatives from CFA, FRV, VICSES, Victoria Police, FFMVic, council and other partner agencies participated in the mock incident based in Tangambalanga.

The exercise allowed local incident management personnel to practise vital skills in preparation for the upcoming fire season.

Exercise Incident Controller Neil Payn said the day was a success with many lessons for all agencies.

“We have a greater confidence when coming together in times of emergency,” he said.

“Today highlighted that it's always rewarding bringing together all agencies to improve the community’s safety as the high-risk weather season draws closer.”

CFA Regional Commander Hume Region Paul King said that everyone participating in yesterday’s mock emergency was ensuring the safety of the community by preparing themselves for this season.

“We are looking towards a significant grass fire danger season,” he said.

“Grass fires can be fast and unpredictable, and we would encourage communities to prepare themselves to ensure their family and their property are safe this summer."


Submitted by CFA Media