Quarterly award nominations are now open

CFA has launched a new recognition program to show appreciation for its members and their contributions towards CFA's mission to protect lives and property. 


It recognises and acknowledges positive behaviour and performance of all CFA people aligned to the CFA core values - safety, teamwork, adaptable, integrity and respect.

Recognition options range from instant, informal gratitude using eCards, as well as our more formal Quarterly Awards. You can find out more about eCards on the CFA intranet.

Quarterly Awards

There are five Quarterly Awards, with one award aligned to each of the five CFA values. A nomination and selection process will determine the worthy winners who will be announced by the CEO.

The objectives of this program are to share and celebrate success through recognition for all CFA members and to:

  • foster member engagement and instil a sense of belonging and pride
  • formally recognise and reward success across the organisation
  • increase member satisfaction, motivation and productivity leading to improved performance
  • encourage teamwork and collaboration and increased alignment to CFA's values and desired culture.

Nominations are open to all CFA people: volunteers and employees including those who are on secondment to CFA.

Individuals and teams can nominate or be nominated.

Teams can be within the same work group or cross functional, for example as part of a dedicated project team or working group.

Nominations are based on demonstration of our values and guiding principles.

One award per value per quarter will be awarded to an individual or team who consistently demonstrate that particular value and guiding principles.

The first quarterly awards nomination period will run for a shorter time frame from October to the end of November,  and winners wil be announced in December.

Head to the CFA Intranet page to make your nomination now.

Author: CFA News