Regular interagency training proves itself once again at truck crash

Member News image Loch CFA and SES rescue crews

Regular interagency training between CFA and SES rescue crews has once again proved beneficial at another multiagency, multiple patient extrication in the hills of South Gippsland/Bass Coast.

In an all too familiar scenario, Loch Fire Brigade was supported by Wonthaggi and San Remo SES crews in a head-on collision between two trucks in the hills of Glen Alvie. The regular combined training between CFA and SES in the area once again was put to good use as the complex rescue scene was sectorised with SES tasked to truck B and CFA to truck A. 

On initial turnout and further information from Firecom, the Loch Rescue crew leader made the call for a second rescue to be responded. Given the geography of the area, it can take significant travel time from any direction. 

On arrival, the Loch brigade crew quickly decided to relocate one of the vehicles, and made a request to the on-scene police to source a tractor from a local farm. Two relocation plans we considered, depending on which direction the tractor came from. 

When the two trucks were separated enough, SES was assigned one of the extrications while CFA took the other one.

This was a great result for all, with both rescue agencies working as one team, with common goals and common techniques.

Loch brigade did have the benefit of hindsight in this case, as the scenario was almost identical to a collision on the other side of their response area about 12 months ago.



Submitted by Len Wyhoon