Rolling vehicle rope rescue

On Sunday 16 February CFA crews responded to an accident in Woods Point where a car had rolled off the edge of a steep embankment. 


Credit: Wandin Fire Brigade

The driver was trapped inside the car 50 metres down, so crews had to carry out a high-angle rope rescue.

CFA crews were paged to the accident at 1.20pm. Brigade members from Woods Point, Wandin, Monbulk, Morwell and Dandenong worked alongside SES and CFA technical rescue to free the driver.

Technical Rescue setup a steep-angle descent involving five technical rescue operators with medical and extrication equipment. 

Credit: Wandin Fire Brigade

Technical operators configured a 5:1 mechanical advantage to haul operators and the occupant out in a safe manner. The incident was deemed safe at 6.15pm.

The occupant was safely rescued from the accident. 

Ambulance Victoria was on scene to assist. 

Credit: Wandin Fire Brigade

Author: CFA News