Ruff rescue for CFA

Frank the border collie had quite the tale to tell after being rescued from a cliff face on Saturday (12 August).

Torquay Fire Brigade and SES were called to the Point Addis cliff face shortly after 1.30pm.

The joint agency rescue included 12 CFA members from Torquay, Belmont and Geelong City high angle rescue operators, with four personnel from Torquay SES.

Frank was roughly eight metres up the side of the cliff and had been there since 9:00am.

Frank’s owners tried for a number of hours to call him down with food and treats before emergency services were called to assist.

Brendon Smith, firefighter from Torquay Fire Brigade and incident controller on scene said it was a tricky operation.

“The unstable cliff meant we had to go in from above with the ladder platform supporting the rescue,” said Brendon.

“Time was critical, as rain could have impacted the already difficult terrain.

“The successful operation was down to teamwork and quick thinking from all the crew members involved.

“Together we were able to respond to the challenges of the site and work together to get Frank out.

The operation took approximately three hours in total and Frank was safely returned to his owners by 4:30pm.

“Frank was pretty calm during the whole operation and needless to say the owners were happy to have him back.

Brandon said the area is dangerous and people need to be cautious with their pets around the cliffs.

“It’s important to be mindful and take care around the cliffs. They’re fragile and there’s a high risk of them collapsing or crumbling.” 

Author: CFA News