Share your wellbeing tips and tricks

Everyone’s working remotely environment is different. Some are juggling working at home with the kids while others in share houses are battling for bandwidth and space on the kitchen table with their housemates.


As our people continue to adapt their lives due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we’re encouraging you to share the innovative ways you have managed your health and wellbeing as well as working remotely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the Your Say CFA platform. You can also connect with others who are having the same experiences.

CFA has already received tips from members, including A/Executive Manager, People Culture & Safety Jo Crabtree who has outlined how she balances working from home with young children.

“As a family we put together a daily roster board which little tasks and activities targets for little activities for our 6 year old twin sons.  They have really embraced this responsibility and have enjoyed being part of the decision making. They’ve loved working through the list, knowing they’ll be rewarded for achieving these targets.

“My partner and I have scheduled our days so that either he or I are spending time with the boys and we are also using online methods where our parents talk to their grandsons each day for half an hour via Facetime, reading them stories and generally being engaged with them during a time of separation," Jo added. "This approach also gives us some space and quiet time to get things done."

A/Manager, Procurement & Logistics Chrissy Siegman said it’s about finding what works for you.

“I believe we are all in the same storm trying to navigate and stay afloat in our own very unique boats. I’ve found some really useful resources online to keep my kids busy when I have meetings,” Chrissy added. “Maths colouring handouts are a great activity as well as online PE lessons. I also continue to make the kids lunch boxes each day, including drink bottles so they can help themselves without going through the pantry.

“I have had to learn to embrace my human side and relax the urge to control the things I had once been able to manage, to do my part to help us all stay safe and healthy.”

District Pick List Program Coordinator Mitchell Watson said getting out for a walk or run was the best thing for his wellbeing.

“I always try to get out for a walk or run either on my break or after work. Occasionally I walk to pick up a morning coffee with one of my housemates to replace the old walk to get a coffee from Oggi’s. I’m lucky that I get along really well with the three people I live with, so it makes it easier when I’m not able to see other friends or family.”

“I try to focus on the positives to working from home, for example, I utilise the fact that I have my full kitchen rather than just the work lunchroom to be able to make nice lunches. Enjoying a nice lunch makes the day more enjoyable.”

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Author: CFA News