Shed fire in Mambourin

Dark clouds of smoke covered the sky around Little River yesterday (27 February) as CFA crews battled a large shed fire. 

16 trucks from Anakie, Balliang, Bannockburn, Lara, Little River, Werribee and Wyndam fire brigades and air support were called to Edgars Rd in Mambourin after reports of flames in the area shortly after 12.30pm.

Upon arrival fireys found an out-of-control fire burning through sheds, rubbish, farm machinery and half a dozen cars.

CFA issued an advice message due to excessive smoke in the area.

A small grassfire began to spread into surrounding grasslands but was quickly contained.

Crews worked tirelessly for about two hours to get the incident under control and then remained on the scene for more than seven hours to ensure the fire was fully extinguished and wouldn’t reignite.

CFA Operations Officer Geoff McGill said although the fire was only 150x150m in size there was a very high fuel load in this space.

“The fire was hard to access because of the large flames and radiant heat which made it difficult for firefighters to get close to the fire,” he said.

A fire investigation is currently underway to help determine the cause of the fire.

Author: CFA Media